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new years retributions

i am going to try to stop eating chocolate. for this whole year. i usually have problems with things like this. strict black and white goals. because i always want to break it before i even start. fail before i try. but i've been reading about 'discouraged perfectionists' on this birth order book and i think that i've found my reason for wanting to rebel against those type of goals. so it kind of feels like i'm ok to set those kind of goals now. we will see! pretty much the only thing that would trip me up is forgetting about the rule in the first place. but i'll get used to it. k. so. no chocolate at all for the rest of 2017!!
candies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, any baked good, etc.
If a little old lady is standing in front of me insisting i eat something she baked, then i get a pass.

3:25 p.m. - Jan. 06, 2017


Happy New Year 2017

i'm bored. i want to make something. a friend of mine sells doll clothes patterns online. She loves that stuff. i should sew the striped curtain that i want for the front closet before the babies get home from my dad's house. maybe i can make some clothes for Dot's Monster High doll or something. or maybe try to get a different job? the holidays went too fast. traditional Ukrainian dinner on Christmas eve was aammaaazzzing. my friend did an amazing job. I met up with Lis and the old gang for NYE. i left the party early and raced home because i thought i could ring in the New Year BY MYSELF. alas no. everyone came home early too. It's the first time the kids rang in the New Year awake though. i should have taken a picture.

4:02 p.m. - Jan. 05, 2017


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